Release Your Tracks now with the 8bars full packages.

With our all inclusive packages you can create and release your next hit in only 4 weeks time!

Who are the packages for?

8Bars Records offers a range of fresh packages for starting musicians eager to jump into the studio and release their music along with the possibility of a music video. Our packages suit you best if you can not afford it to book a studio for multiple days but are jumping to launch your musical career with the proper equipment. We have balanced the perfect amount of time in the studio alongside guidance of professional producers, mixers and masterers and even a music video shoot if you choose our Deluxe package. Are you ready to make your next step to fame?

our services

professional Producers & engineers

In all of our packages you will have the chance to work alongside professional producers and engineers to make sure your project comes to life.

Top level mix & mastering

In the music industry there is nothing as off-putting as a badly mixed and mastered song. Our mix & masterer are going to tune your hit to perfection.

worldwide distribution

8Bars Records will be distributing your song on mayor distribution channels such as Spotify in order for everyone around the world to check it out. Perhaps you’ll get a million streams in Venezuela?

full day studio

Record a full day in our amazing Studio. If you are new to being inside a studio, don’t worry. Our friendly staff can assist you throughout the day. You will receive a memory to cherish forever.

top level art work

A release is nothing without some art to announce your musical creation. You can use this on your personal social media channels to share with your friends and followers.

release on our youtube channel

Finally your song will be released on our YouTube channel with 30.000 subscribers to kickstart your release.

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